We all know that out-of-state residential placements are a big deal in special education, because we work in schools every day and support these challenging decisions made by school personnel. Now, the issue is garnering attention outside of the schoolhouse. A recent article by NPR Illinois highlighted the significant numbers of such placements, the potential causes of the placements, and the costs to schools and the government. NPR called on Franczek education partner Jennifer Smith to provide insight on this issue of importance to all members of the special education community, including schools.

The article states:

Jennifer Smith, an attorney who has been representing school districts in such cases for 16 years, said that many families who seek residential care for their children typically make such requests after their child experiences a mental health crisis and psychiatric hospitalization, and medical professionals recommend a residential placement to ensure the student’s safety.

We know our special education team is second to none when it comes to Illinois school law, and this is just another example of the thought leadership we provide both inside and outside of school. We are always grateful for the opportunity to share our insights with the broader special education community.