The Illinois State Board of Education has filed emergency rules, effective immediately, banning the use of isolated time out in our schools. Like many of you, we were disheartened to read the Tribune/Pro Publica report on the use of isolated time out as a behavioral intervention.  While this is a change in practice that will require investment from all stakeholders, we know from our work in schools that administrators and teachers share the common goal of implementing behavioral interventions that are positive, affirming and effective for all students, especially the most vulnerable.

According to ISBE, the emergency rules will:

  • Ban all seclusion practices;
  • Permit time-out, but only with a trained adult present and for therapeutic, not disciplinary purposes;
  • Ban physical restraints that may impair a student’s ability to breathe or speak normally, and set forth stricter parameters on when physical restraint is allowed;
  • Require all educational institutions to submit data to ISBE within 48 hours of use of physical restraint or time-out; and
  • Eliminate the parent/guardian option to waive notification of the use of physical restraint or time-out.

We will issue further alerts when the emergency rules are posted. Read ISBE’s full press release here: